Friday, November 22, 2013


Steve, I love him so much.
He is a great friend.
He has big blue eyes that pop out of his little face.
He seems tiny when he stands next to me.
He doesn't get much sleep he's a party animal
and has big black rings around his eyes, I think
there permanent.
He has a girlfriend, I call her Steva.
He has a sister, her name is Elizabeth.
He has a great uncle, his name is Bob.
He has a arch enemy her names Olivia.
He is famous. He is in a book and on a bottle cap.
He is popular. Everyone knows about him, at least
the people around me.
He is fuzzy and black and white.
He is a stuffed, keychain, panda bear.
He lives on my friends backpack.

Friday, June 7, 2013

I Am Going To Walk 100 Miles

We walk the same route every day but stop at different places. 

     Its the beginning of June and we will have walked 100 miles by august 10th (the day before I leave for camp). The first day we walked i had just finished a 5 mile hike, but I walked another 5 miles to get this goal started before it was to late. We will not walk every night, we will have a few delays including 4th of july. When I say "we" I mean me and my dad who has done this before and I am excited to do it with him. With this 100 mile walk I am going to eat healthier foods and drinks too. Are goal is to walk at least 2 miles a night, but i secretly have a goal of 5 miles per day.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Colors of the world

Colors, the world is full of them. Gold like the sun blue like the sea everywhere I look they surround me. Red, brown, orange and yellow, the colors of leaves in fall that dance and twirl from the trees so tall. Grey and black in the sky they create a storm up so high. Light green, dark green up in the trees making a home for a hive full of bees. White, the color of a cloud. Each its own cloud they hover there proud. Colors surround me, a golden sun a blue sea. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stelline the dragon

Stelline is a dragon who lives on the tip top of crystal pier. On the bottom of crystal pier is a little town call Zinsburg where all the people believe that Stelline guards a cave full of swords, knives, guns and knights armor. Why they believe this I have no idea.  

The people in Zinsburg every once in a while will risk their lives to try to get to Stelline to get the weapons Stelline stole from their ancestors. No one has ever come back though. So since then Stelline has been known the fiercest of them all, yes there are other dragons here Ellie, Spear, truce, widow, and sharper.

 One day a group of boys came together planning to hike up crystal pier and kill stelline.

One day Stelline left her cave and did something she has never done before she leaped into the sky spread out her wings she started falling she flapped once she flapped twice worried shed fall to the land where humans would attack she flapped once more but this time she put her body into it and smacked her tail against the air and flew for the first time in her life! She flew over the town and with her good hearing dragon ears she overheard their evil plan. She flew faster than light, tears dripping down her face back to her cave, her peaceful little cave where she was going to have three baby dragons. Drip she heard fall into the river below it was her tear, a dragon tear turn to stone as it hit the river.

“Everyone remember to bring your best weapon a water bottle and to choose a partner”. . . “Wait I’m coming to” said a girl with dark brown hair and a hood covering her face. “Who are you?” said the leader of their group. “I am Piper” She said, taking off her hood. “Piper I promised your father I would look after you and keep you safe, so no you are not coming”. “Father does not need to know about this”. “I said no”! “I did not ask” “One second” he groaned. They all huddled up and decided YES.

That night Stelline could not sleep and that morning stelline flew, she flew far away and did not return till sundown.

The group left at 6:00 am. First they crossed the river, and then they started the hike. The first two days the sun was so harsh if you touched a rock you would burn your hand, the third day was chilly but much better than the first two days. Then they reached it the very top the mountain was right in front of them. They all held up their weapons including Piper.   They walked forward getting closer and closer then she came back she snuck up behind them then took one boy by his shoulder and threw him in the river the all charged except for piper who snuck in her cave. Stelline swept her tail by and tripped everyone. Five boys started walking back down the mountain screaming. Their where four boys left including their leader Dane. She wacked them all off the side Dane held to the side and pulled himself up he ran to her with his sword and cut her tail she let out a cry she wrapped her tail around him and she flew off the mountain and then let go.

She flew back. Then Piper realized she was in trouble she peeked out and saw the injured dragon on the ground she ran out “are you ok”? piper said with tears in her eyes “I’ll fix you and by the way your babies are adorable”! She took of her scarf and wrapped it around her tail. “I gave them names Scarlet, Razor, and Claws. Stelline took piper for a ride each day and they helped raise three beautiful dragons Scarlet, Razor, and claws.

             THE END

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Christmas Dream

Knock! Knock! Knock! When I heard that noise I jumped up from the couch and opened the door. Christmas carolers! Singing Jingle bells one of my favorite Christmas songs! They gave me a candy cane and I gave them a round of applause and a cookie. "Merry Christmas" I said then shut the door. I went back to the couch and sat by my cat (Mistletoe). We were watching Elf, even my cat was laughing! My parents were rapping presents in the other room, so I tried not to pay attention, but I was excited, Christmas was tomorrow! But it was getting late so I went upstairs to my room and soon was fast asleep with mistletoe at my feet. And then I started dreaming...

I was on the ground under a tree. When I woke up three angels were staring at me. "She’s awake" said the first angel. “Where am I" I asked. "Where all your dreams come true" the second angel said. “You’re on candy Cane Island "the third angel said. “Where’s that I asked. "In Christmas world" all three angels said. “So how do I get back to my house" I asked. "Go talk to Prince Nutcracker" said the first angel. "Who's he” I asked. "You ask too many questions" the second angel giggled. The first angel asked me to get on her back so I did and she flew on her way to Prince Nutcracker’s castle.

Once we were half way there the third angel asked for help because I was getting to heavy so the first angel took a turn caring me and let the third angle ride on her back. "Why are you not flying" I asked. "Because my wings are too little to fly" she said. "What’s your name" asked the third angel."Zoelle" I said. "What’s yours"? "My name is Rosie" said the first angel. "My name is Malia the second angel said. “And my name is Mary" the third angel said.

Then I saw it, the reason we were flying in the first place! "Prince Nutcrackers castle" I shouted. Pretty soon we landed. "Now were on Nutcrackers Island" Mary told me. "Well what are we waiting for" Malia asked.

        There were to Nutcrackers guarding the entrance with swords made out of candy canes but surprisingly sharp. They checked us for weapons then let us in. The first thing I saw was the stair cases that seemed to go on forever. Then I noticed two dark hallways. "The right hallway takes us to the elevator" Mary said. So we took the elevator up to the eightieth floor (the very top floor).
We went down the hall until we got to a screen and a big red button. Then Rosie pushed it Prince Nutcrackers face showed up. "What do you want" he asked. "We have a visitor" Mary said. Then a hidden door opened from the wall. We walked in and curtsied for him. "What’s your name" asked Prince Nutcracker. "Zoelle" I told him. "She needs to know if she can use your transporter to get back to her home" Malia said. Then he said "step back" so we did. He pushed a bright blue button on his remote connected to his throne.

All the sudden a big transporter rose from the ground. We all hugged and said goodbye. I typed in my address and a big glass door opened and I stepped in. Before I pushed "GO" Prince Nutcracker yelled "wait can't go without a candy cane". Then a secret compartment opened full of candy canes opened I grabbed one just before it closed.

        I smiled and waved but just before I pushed go Malia shouted "wait" and quickly opened the door and gave me a gold locket necklace and smiled "thanks" I said and gave her one more hug. "Goodbye" and then I pushed GO. Then I woke up and it was Christmas morning!!!!!!!!!